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MR-J2S-200B and HC-SFS202B has been successfully replaced with MR-J4-200B-RJ020 and HG-SR1524B

A medicine factory has a machine with an old Mitsubishi servo system (MELSRVO –J2S, SSCNET Compatible) one of the Motors HC-SFS202B had a mechanical damage caused the amplifier MR-J2S-200B to show an error message (OVERLOAD),

Since the MR-J2S series had been stopped long time ago the customer was forced to upgrade to new Series MELSERVO -J4

Servo Motors changed to HG-SR202B, upgrade servo amplifier to MR-J4-200B-RJ020 with SSCNET Compatible Kit (MR-J4-T20) and all the required cables

Installation, programing and operation process had been done by our team (www.emtecheg.com)

Thanks to the support of the Europe team in Mitsubishi Electric EMEA –Factory Automation (https://eu3a.mitsubishielectric.com/)

The machine returned to work normally producing medicine to the Egyptian and the Middle East market

Thanks to the support and understand of our customers